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Semi Frameless Glass Specialists

Aluminx Australia is located in Sydney and is Australia's leading semi frameless glass specialists. We developing new and exciting products with state of the art manufacturing techniques. Aluminx has a reputation as one of the industries market leaders for quality semi frameless glass balustrade components and new products. We develop custom brackets, components and spigots for balconies, decking and pool fencing. We have also launched a new product range of illuminated spigots for leading lights in garden pathways and dark areas.

Semi Frameless Balustrade

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Semi Frameless Pool Fencing

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Semi Frameless Internal Stairs

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Designing Innovation

Aluminx Australia tops the charts in Sydney for high quality artisan ship and come first for aluminum fabrication and custom stainless steel frameless balustrade work. What sets us apart from the rest is that we manufacture most of our components. All our custom products manufactured specifically for each and every individual job.

Aluminx can supply you everything you need to install your own frameless glass balustrade or pool fence. We also provide education and tips on how to get the best quality finish without breaking the bank.

Aluminx now have the latest light up powered aluminium anodised spigots available. Contact us for more information or check out our hardware section for more details for non-standard and custom fittings.

Click Here to vist our frameless glass photo gallery for our latest projects.