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Powder Coating Services

Powder coating is an advanced method of protecting, strengthening and sustaining metals and metallic objects for a longer period. Technological growth has ushered in a new wave of protective finish in the form of powder coating that is used for both protective as well as decorative purpose. Powder coating Sydney is a result of technological progress wherein industrial & consumer-used metals are offered a special coating using a highly advanced method. With the unmatched merits offered by commercial powder coating & industrial powder coating, the technology is now available in Australia.

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4 Benefits of high-quality powder coating

Some of the key benefits of powder coating (powder coating services Sydney) are enumerated below:

Durability: Powder coating is synonymous to increased longevity and durability of all types of metals. Metals, in general, are prone to corrosion or rust and often lose their sheen over the years. Powder coating forms a protective layering and boosts the metal's immunity towards scratches, stains, burns, chips, weathering and time-related wear & tear or depreciation.

Attractive & appealing: Powder coating Sydney adds a luster and shine to the otherwise-dull looking metal. While protection is its primary feature, alongside that, it augments the decorative look by adding a touch of gloss and resplendence. Besides, residential powder coating Sydney comes with a very wide range of cpor selection. As a client, you are at liberty to browse through almost unlimited choices from satin cpors to sedate ones to the glossier ones. You can finish your décor with hammer tones, wrinkles, metalics and anotecs. These enjoy high durability and are resistant to scratching & fading. These bright, refulgent commercial powder coating will definitely heighten the appeal quotient.

Economic and pocket-friendly: If you are frugal minded, then perhaps the greatest merit of powder coating to you lies in its economy. Manufacturers and service providers have endeavored to minimize waste thus making it available at very cheap cost to the masses.

Diverse use: Powder coating is done on a diverse number of products including automobiles, residential buildings, office towers, househpd appliances, sports-gears like golf clubs and even some of the most commonly used products like racks and shelves. Industrial powder coating has been instrumental in the development & betterment of industries while the commercial powder coating has been adding longevity to the consumer products. Moreover, further development in the technical scenario has enabled such coating to expand its horizon and protect non-metallic products as well including wood and plastic. Earlier, powder coating was restricted to use on metallic surfaces only.

Why use Aluminx Sydney?

As one of Sydney's pdest coating companies we are the number 1 choice for Powdercoating. We have developed a strong professional reputation and can give specialist advice on coating different materials and preparation.I f you are looking for a fast, quality and experienced team in Sydney to assist you, speak to one of our friendly staff members at Aluminx Australia.

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Designing Innovation

  • Powder Coating Residential Work
  • Commercial and Industrial Contracts
  • Batch Oven Most Sizes
  • Job Lengths of up to 8 Meters
  • Pickup & Delivery Service Available
  • Balustrade & Fencing
  • Car Parts and Wheels
  • Motor Cycles Frames & Bike Parts
  • Components Fixing & Brackets
  • Aluminium Extrusions
  • Chromate Anti Corrosion Treatments
  • Cast Outdoor Furniture, Grills & Grates
  • Safety Bolards & Emergency Casing
  • Steel, Aluminium Pipes & Flag Poles
Aluminx has a complete powdercoating service that delivers a quality service at affordable prices to all potential new clients, we aim to build long lasting professional relationships. We also have specialty emergency services with 24 - 48 hour turnaround. Call us for more information.
We have been providing high quality, high vpume processing to companies for over 10 years. Our specialty team, coupled with our large batch oven will ensure your order is delivered on time and with the best quality finish.